Inputs: AES, SPDIF, Optical, USB sample rates up to 192K.

Outputs: Main output has discrete output amplifiers with a stepped
attenuator, the max output is +24dbu.

The secondary output, also balanced has a max fixed output of +18dbu,

The Headphone Amplifier has its own stepped attenuator.

Mute: cuts off the main outputs and Solaris powers up muted.

The Function display is done with an LCD showing, the source, gains, and
the sample rate. It also has level meters.

The Quantum DAC is the 5th generation design from Crane Song

The Quantum DAC uses 32 bit converters and ASRC for jitter reduction up
sampling to 211KHz.

The reference clock has less then 1pS and a proprietary reconstruction
filter for accurate time domain response.

The clock's jitter measured from 10Hz to 20KHz is typically 0.045pS.

Quantum DAC Converter