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8 Channel Class A Mic-Preamp, Mixer, A/D Convertor


Input Channel
Stereo Output
8 Channel Digital
Zoom In + (115K)

Designers Notes

Live Stereo Recording
Multi-Channel Recording
Broadcast Engineering
DAW Front-End
Off-Line Signal Processor
Studio Submixer

Flamingo Mic Preamp
HEDD A/D Convertor
Analog Dither CD

Pro Audio Review Excellence Award

Crane Song Spider

Spider is a high-quality eight 8-channel mic-pre amplifier/mixer with two types of digital outputs: stereo and eight (8) channel. The stereo output is for recording engineers who do live stereo or multi-channel recording and want a very flexible audio path. The 8 channel output allows the system to function as an analog front end for DAW's, digital mixers, and modular digital recorders.

In addition, the stereo bus can be assigned to digital channels 7 and 8. This allows a stereo mix of 6 channels to be assigned to digital outs 7 and 8 and leaves 2 channels independent. (eg. drums; kick, snare, and stereo left to right.)

Both the discrete class A pre-amp and the convertor modules are of a very high quality, low noise design. The maximum analog level at the insert points is +25 dBm. The digital modules include a DSP process to provide tape emulation.

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