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Distortion in compressors is dependent on the RELEASE TIME and the KI & HARA SoundsRATIO. The higher the ratio or the faster the release time, the greater the amount of induced distortion. This distortion follows the low frequencies and the sound envelope. In all conventional compressors, tube or solid Tube Warmthstate, this distortion is third harmonic. The distortion is third harmonic because of the way the control circuits and gain control elements function.

Third harmonic distortion is a major part of what are called artifacts. Artifacts influence the sound of the compressor and may or may not be musical. Third harmonic distortion is not a musical artifact.

The STC-8 has the ability to change the type of induced distortion to second harmonic. In doing this the nonmusical artifact of third harmonic distortion is changed to the musically pleasing sound of second harmonic distortion. The STC-8 is the only compressor-limiter on the market that has the ability to change the induced distortion from third harmonic to second.

Changing the induced distortion from third harmonic to second harmonic results in new and different sounds and adds warmth. This change allows the use of higher compression levels with fast release times and still have the sound remain musical. This function is enabled on the STC-8 by putting the MODE SWITCH in the KI position.

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