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Discrete Class A Compressor-Peak Limiter

STC-8 Stereo Compressor Limiter

Crane Song STC-8

Simultaneous Compression/Limiting
Discrete Class A
Balanced/Transformerless I/O
Quick & Easy Presets
'KI' & 'HARA' Sounds
Transparent Overload Protection

Digital & Analog Mastering
System Overload Protection
Broadcast Engineering
Project Studio DAW
Stereo Bus Compression

$4,450.00 STC-8

$4,700.00 STC-8/H
Detented output gain for utmost accuracy and resetability.

$5,450.00 STC-8/M
All pots with detented control. The ultimate Mastering version.

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The STC-8 is a high quality stereo compressor combined with a remarkably dependable peak limiter, providing overload protection critical to digital recording and broadcast transmitters. The STC-8's compressor is engineered to provide musically transparent gain KI & HARA Soundscontrol, but is also capable of emulating vintage equipment and creating distinctive new sounds.

In addition, a switchable enhancement circuit creates to enrich lifeless audio and digital recordings. This vast flexibility is simplified by the inclusion of several optimized presets, allowing fast, easy set-Optimized Presetsup on a wide variety of sounds. It can operate in true stereo or discrete independent mono, accessible by a front panel switch.

The STC-8's sophisticated side-chain allows both compression and peak limiting to take place simultaneously, using the same proprietary gain circuit. High signal quality is maintained by utilizing a discrete class A audio path, and by eliminating any VCA or optical gain control elements.

The STC-8 requires 2 rack spaces. All inputs and outputs are transformerless and balanced. The toroidal power transformer is UL approved and allows four line voltages for international use.

The STC-8 delivers consistent gain control without sacrificing musical definition or harmonic richness.

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